flash_banner_why_usWhy Us?  Listen, there is a ton of content on education that’s pushed out every day: products, policies, practices.  Part of our job is to pay attention to this stuff and as such, we’ve developed a studied eye.  With so many flashes of light, one might wonder where to look.  We believe we’re poised to point you in some smart directions, to attend to innovation “glints” that pose promise in terms of relevance and utility, are worthy of further dialogue, or are simply intriguing enough to follow as they roll-out….to see if they truly add value to the learning process.  We’re explorers just like you: we hope to inform you yet are hopeful to learn from you as well, our fellow glint-seekers.  Let’s do this.

Why Now?  Why not?  Innovation has become a hot topic (shouldn’t it have *always* been?)….yet it is decidedly unwieldy and fluid.  We hope to be responsive and agile as we discuss these topics….to stimulate your thinking in digestible bites (even as we attempt to refrain from being prescriptive).  We’ll likely ask as many (hopefully thoughtful) questions as we provide potential answers.  We believe these exciting times require this kind of thinking.  We hope you agree.

What’s Next?  We’re attending SXSWedu this week!  This “cutting edge” innovation in education conference is loaded with exciting sessions and we’ll be blogging throughout the event to refract what we see and learn your way.  Check-in daily, follow us, and please comment along the way.  Then, tell us how we’re doing!  Thanks for joining.

Allison & Janet


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