Refracting innovation in the education universe

Why a glint?  A glint is flash of light, an inkling, a gleaming brightness, a luster. To see a glint is to catch that light, to capture its brightness.

The Glint Blog is designed to recognize innovations in learning…those flashes of light and potential brilliance and direct attention to them. By taking a shining idea or application and redirecting it in this medium, we will bounce the light so that more can see it and add clarity when possible. As your Glint Guides, we hope to be your leading resource in spotting potential innovations in learning. We invite you, our fellow Glint Seekers, to comment, weigh in, and join us on this mission of finding the lights in the ever changing universe of education innovation.

Your Glint Guides

Allison Allison Crean Davis, Ph.D. has a diverse background as a consultant, researcher, evaluator, and practitioner in education and child/developmental psychology. She brings vast experience working with educators, policymakers, and funders at the national, state, district, and local school levels and across the continuum of pre-K to postsecondary institutions. Her work has provided her the privilege of working with educators practicing in inner-cities, on rural farmlands, on Indian Reservations, in the Caribbean Islands, and overseas. The common denominator to this work is her passion for infusing systems with a process for informed decision-making for sustainable improvement.  Allison is the co-founder of New Legacy Partnerships, LLC, a consulting firm working to help learning organizations plan, execute, and evaluate for continuous improvement.  She serves as the Coordinator for Evaluation at the Center on Innovations and Learning at Temple University.

jst abai - Version 2 Janet S. Twyman, Ph.D., BCBA, is a noted proponent of effective instruction and using technology to produce individual and system change. A career educator, she has been a preschool and elementary school teacher, a principal and administrator, and university professor. Janet is a sought after speaker nationally and internationally, and has presented on leveraging new technologies for diverse learners and settings at the United Nations. She has served on the boards of numerous organizations including the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies (chairing the Education Group), PEER International (assisting township schools in Port Elizabeth, South Africa), the Association for Behavior Analysis International (as President). She has published and presented internationally on evidence-based innovations in education and the systems that support them to produce meaningful difference in learners’ lives. Janet is the Director of Innovation & Technology for the Center on Innovations in Learning.


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